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Our Services

Business Management in the areas of - Internet, Marketing and Cybersecurity – are our passions. We are the first fully online service provider to manage these all for you:

Planning for the marketing strategy, campaign, and tasks.

Setup a new info or ecommerce website.

Ensuring security on the website and hosting parts.

Manage server and all webhost related issues

Manage social media marketing campaigns, tasks and ads on major platforms

Manage search engine search results marketing, and ads on google.

Manage all technical and marketing related issues for you.

Our experienced business and tech and marketing consultant assist you when you need help in your business decisions.

Welcome To The New

Gen of Businesses.

We are in the new generation of new types of businesses. The vendor you find should also be able to bring you up ahead of competition.


Our service packages are listed in the packages in the online shop – where we aim to provide best promotions for referrals and give the best to our clients.


Everything will be transacted online.


Currently, we can be reached via the website, emails, and helpdesk. Slowly, we will be adding in more channels.


And you are managed by our Singapore company owner. Rest assure, we will always deliver our work as promised in each scope.


Business & Marketing Consultancy

Before you dive right in and publish something on social media, or setup a new website without any marketing plan, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The first step is to think about your overall Business and Marketing strategy.

Manage Digital Marketing

Publicising your business on internet is our job. Be it on Search Engines aka Google.com (SEO), on Social Media platforms (SMO, SMM), or on Ads (SEM), we manage all the marketing tasks, campaign and strategies. And we give you a peace of mind.

Manage Tech

From hosting, web design, development, project manage, setup, software support, maintenance support… to the cybersecurity topics - we take care all the tech details for you. On the hosting part, we manage servers from a 3rd party webhosting company, manage your files, any tech issues, including liase with hosting company.

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