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NConsult - Digital marketing, wordpress website, maintenanceMaintenance Contract – For Custom PHP Website/Application (1 Year)

Maintenance Contract – For Custom PHP Website/Application (1 Year)

$2,049.00 / year

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Package Details:
– this is a maintenance contract for 12-months for a Custom PHP Website/Application
– includes 12 support tickets on the application for 12 months
– support tickets can be used for Issues* (refer to below list) during office hours
– per support ticket is equivalent to a half day block, or 4 man hours
– every support issue will be quoted tickets on case on case basis, and subjected to customer approval before any ticket is used.
– all work will be approved by client before proceeding.
– the work required will be measured against no. of half man days required, or no. of support ticket required.
– office hours are: Monday To Friday, 9 to 6pm. Exclude Singapore and India public holidays.
– unused change requests CANNOT be brought over to the next year



*Website Issues Can Include:
– any server/design/programming work related to website or web application
– add/remove/amend website contents
– check/fix server/hosting issues
– check/fix any website or web app issues
– migrate website or web app
– website backups offsite/onsite
– server OS  / php / mysql patches and updates
– webhost tech support & liasing with host



Type of Websites / Web Application That Qualifies Here Include:
– customised websites built from scratch
– web applications like:  ERP, Inventory, CRM, Sales Management, Ecommerce
– acceptable PHP Frameworks: CorePHP, Zend, Laveral, Code Ignitor
– acceptable Databases: MySQL



Our Goal is to:
– help clients by managing their applications when their vendors are gone or no longer supporting their application.




– Everything stated above, is subjected to scope changes by NConsult.
– All work will be done off-site via remote team.
– For any issues not listed here, pls check with us. We will advise based on the issues mentioned.
– Pls note that issues for more complication applications will take longer to fix than simple ones.
– For website/app – if first/one time setups are required for dev/testings/live sites, there may be time taken and considered in tickets. Usually websites/small apps take around 1 to 2 hours. Medium/Bigger website/apps take 3 to 4 hours. Additional may be needed if there’s issues with files.